The Ararat Rural City Council teamed up with BrandWorks to refresh and renew to two local cultural institutions as part the Ararat Arts Precinct redevelopment project. The client required that two unique identities be built for the Ararat Performing Arts Centre and the Ararat Regional Art Gallery that maintained the identity of each institution while unifying their historical position. Housed within the original Ararat Town Hall, a central figure for much of the local community, the Ararat Performing Arts Centre now hosts an extensive touring program including comedy, musical, and theatrical performances. Regular local ensembles and the annual Ararat Eisteddfod further necessitated the need for a multi-use Centre that could respond to the needs and interests of each event.

Williams Boag Architects were engaged to redevelop the existing site, and their approach mirrored our own. To ensure brand cohesion across both institutions, inspiration for the Arts Centre and Art Gallery was drawn from elements unique to the district including stencilled wool bales. The “AAA” brandmark represents both the high-grade Merino wool local to the area and stands in as an abbreviation for ARARAT. The Performing Arts Centre boasts a dramatically black interior which both compliments and contrasts the clean white interior of the Art Gallery. The Centre brand reflects the chosen colour palette and further builds on a base of black and gold before expanding into vibrantly saturated colours applied as gradient washes. Representative of coloured gel stage lighting, the effect creates a responsive system that allows for flexibility and consistency when designing visual treatments unique to the promotional seasonal material.

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