Baby Su


Following the success of the 2017 Lazy Su collaboration, the client re-engaged BrandWorks to design a branded interior for their most recent development, Baby Su. Inspired by its sister restaurant and bar, the final creative direction complimented Lazy Su’s original concept highlighting elements of Japanese pop-culture, arcade games, and futuristic icons. Where Lazy Su offered a more refined, seated bar and dining experience, Baby Su caters to a casual grab-and-go market targeting professional and local crowds with a younger, playful aesthetic and tongue-in-cheek brand.

BrandWorks explored the cultural ideologies of youth culture and playfulness as the foundations of Baby Su’s brand strategy and included both in the final design. Chosen colours, patterns, and textures were selected for their sense of life and dynamism, then dialled up resulting in a noisy “look at me” aesthetic. The See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Lucky Cats give a warm welcome to passers-by and stand in as an identifiable icon with a modern twist. The Baby Su school exercise book grid pattern was incorporated into both interior ceiling and tile details as well as brand graphics, ensuring visual unity from online to print before carrying into the three-dimensional space.

Builders: Summerset Constructions
Lighting: Lighting Spaces
Signage: Signlime

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