goldie — 399 Lonsdale

— The Client

Wellsmart Group is an international hospitality real estate investment and development company based in Singapore.Wellsmart Group is an international hospitality real estate investment and development company based in Singapore.

— The Brief

BrandWorks was engaged by the Wellsmart Group to develop the dual brand hotel by presenting multiple concepts, branding and roll out for their space located in the heart of Melbourne, 399 Londsdale street. At the base of the Novotel & Ibis Hotels, the goal was to break up the space with three hospitality brands that would be complementary of one another yet uphold their own identities.

— Our Approach


Goldie was inspired by BrandWorks desire to encourage a personal connection with the customer. In order to do this, all communication from the brand should be positioned to feel like it's coming from your best friend taking you to downtown Chinatown - casual and conversational.

People are getting tired of the same. There's now an emerging trend to modernise Asian staples, taking ideas and flavours from some and evolving it into another to create a new style of menu and taste. It's not so much about being strictly authentic now. It's about taking the best bits from one and introducing it into another to give it an edge. Some do it for flavour, other times it's for presentation; forever toeing the line on familiar and something new. Eating something that reminds them of their growing up, family get togethers and favourite dishes are important. To them, balancing study, work and socialising is paramount, so finding the right things to fit within their lifestyle is at front of mind. Be it young or old, dining out means keeping up with food trends and checking out the latest eateries. Weekdays are busy, so time to eat and find a place to dine is going to be a challenge on the go. Fast, quick asian and convenient options are appealing, but flavour and quality should not be compromised.

Asian traditions are made modern by the burgeoning trend for all day dining. It accessible any time, is delicious, affordable, made fresh, well presented and inexpensive all at once, everyday. The yum cha experience can also be fun, not too serious, instagrammable and engaging. And it can still live up to the modern dining experiences they seek. This was the approach. There is a significant theatrical presence that brings Goldie to life - the theater of being able to watch the kitchen make you a crepe as the centerpiece of the open display kitchen bench really ties it all together. Not to mention their all day custom made bubble teas and alcoholic drinks!

The overall challenge for this project was defining, creating and developing each brand as an individualised identity while maintaining a complementary angle so they can work in unison for the dual hotel brands.

— Challenges

— Outcomes


  • Strategy

  • Brand

  • Interior layering

  • Graphics

  • Way-finding / Signage

  • Website

  • Collateral