'Pizza that’s Good All Round'

Who are you when you are hungry?
Are you What do you do? Foolish? Clumsy? Impatient? Angry? You’re on a quest for food and slightly hysterical.

Let’s talk about it.

Hungry Bear Pizza celebrates the good of everyone and everything - just like it celebrates the good side of pizza. Taking a holistic view of fast casual dining and merging purpose and food together, Hungry Bear Pizza’s agenda of changing how we enjoy pizza for the better is revolutionary as it is customer-centric.

Focusing on all the elements, from pizza size, variety, toppings and customer experience, BrandWorks developed a friendly, funny & flexible brandmark and secondary system that positions Hungry Bear Pizza as the convenience food for the millennial - thoughtfully made with a social purpose and community mind set that talks to one’s soul for adventure. Adventure is a pizza - not adventure, then pizza.

The secondary system was designed around a journey map, titled ‘The Adventure of the Hungry’ - Hungry Bear invites you to visit the inside of his belly, a journey to fight hungriness, daydream about the best food and discover the hidden treasures of Pizza Peak. It is not a map guiding you in any way, but instead depicting the state of your mind and your belly.

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