Think twice before making any personal or professional commitments this year Rabbit, you’ll be presented with career opportunities this year but they are weighed heavily with pressure. Make sure you take stock of your ability, energy and time before taking any job opportunity - gaining new professional knowledge or job skills is a good approach to relieve these pressures. It’s not a great year for job changes for you, so try and stay in your current position

This year it’s okay to be a little conservative in your attitude. 

Although there will be no monetary windfall for you this year, you have good wealth luck and when you receive rewards, take that money out and invest in new sources. 

It’s not a strong year for love for the Rabbit, but if you’re looking for love turn to your friends who are Dogs, Rats, Cows or Snakes for assistance. If you are in love, don’t bring up arguments with your lover.

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