GOLDIE - a Neo-Asian canteen, serving up classic Chinese comforts and street-side grab ’n go deliciousness.

A new twist on the Melbourne cafe culture, guests at the Novotel Lt. Lonsdale Melbourne can now enjoy yum cha, tea and dumplings at any time of the day, from morning ‘till night. BrandWorks was engaged by Accor Hotels to design and create a day-to-night concept that celebrated the popularity of yum cha and dumplings and turn it on its head wth Chinese street food regional favourites such as Jian Bing (Chinese crepe), Youtiao (Chinese donut) alcoholic Bubble tea, Szechuan eggplant baos and Peking duck toasties.

The brand identity took a modern lean towards Neo-Asian 'Show ’n tell' - to be asian but not say it. Avoiding the typical scene-setting interiors and signage, but rather looking through a modern lens to champion Chinese street food culture. BrandWorks’ approach to the concept and brand was bring out the fun and playfulness of Melbourne’s Chinatown, without the dirty laundry attached. The food was created by Head Chef, Michael Smith (ex-Jaques Reymond, Tonka and Mamacita).

The result - a beautifully modern and clean morning-to-night aesthetic that elevates the cuisine to a place where one taste's first, then talks. Typically Chinese hospitality!

Now open, as featured in Broadsheet - ‘Going for Goldie’.

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